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A massive flood of meltwater poured out of Iceland’s Myrdalsjoekull glacier on Saturday July 9th 2011, raising fears of an eruption from the powerful Katla volcano underneath, but experts said a large blast was unlikely. At around 3:00 am (0300 GMT) … we had a glacial meltwater runoff from underneath the glacier said Evgenia Ilyinskaya, […]

If you follow the link below the quote there’s quite a good photo of Katla the sleeping volcano, and I’ll try to find some more which can be featured here on the Katla Volcano blog. The home of the Katla volcano is Mýrdalsjökull glacier which is the southernmost glacier in Iceland and is almost 600 […]

As the Ash Cloud restrictions on UK airports are extended into Monday morning, Dr Dougal Jerram, a volcanologist from Durham University, warns us that the last big eruption of Eyjafjallajokull, which was back in the in the 1820s, went on for about two years, and its current eruption could last “several months”. Volcanology or vulcanology […]